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A Spider Research Firm?  Not Exactly.

No, we are not a spider research firm. We do, however, strive to mimic the characteristics of the Portia spider. Odd, you say? Maybe, but then again, we have never claimed to be ordinary.   The Portia spider is the most interesting and intelligent spider in the world and is known for its sharp reception, keen attentiveness, excellent communication skills, and strategic problem solving abilities.  It uses what it learns from each move and modifies its strategy as it goes, making each experience unique. These are all skills that you want in a market research partner. This is where we come in.



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We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them
— Albert Einstein

How We Can Help

Marketing Strategy

  • Who are your customers and what makes them tick?  
  • Where can we find them and how many of them are there?
  • What are they saying about your brand? 
  • What is going to make them choose you over your competitors?  
  • What do we do with all this information once we have it?

We have been helping our clients answer these questions for over 20 years.  Our experience spans a variety of industries from healthcare and telecommunications to manufacturing and education.  We have worked on both the client and supplier side, so we know how to maneuver through both types of organizations to get the best answers, efficiently and effectively, to meet the unique needs of your organization.  

Consumer Insights

We have over 20 years experience bringing the customer voice to our clients by integrating a variety of listening methods.  Consumer behavior is dynamic, so we must adapt quickly using a variety of methods to understand what motivates them.  

Market Intelligence

Whether you are launching a new product or expanding into a new market, we can help you better understand opportunities by determining the size of the market, where your potential customers are located, what their buying paths look like, and how best to reach them.  Like the Portia spider, we always think several steps ahead.

Competitive Intelligence

Understanding your competitive landscape and where you fit within that is imperative to your growth strategy.  You need the sharp reception of the Portia spider to identify risks and opportunities.  Who are your biggest competitors and how are they engaging with their customers?   We can create a competitive landscape that gives your strategy the support it needs to be successful. 


Its Better to Destroy the BOX than to Think outside the BOX.
— Udayveer Singh


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